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Accessible rooms


In the Residence, Wally, Rimini there are four rooms designed to accommodate disabled people and those who move in a wheelchair. The apartments are equipped with all the amenities, services and different precautions to spend a beautiful holiday, even to those who move on wheelchair or has difficulty moving.

The bathrooms of four apartments, as well as the bathroom in the hall on the first floor of the Residence, are sufficiently large and new, to facilitate the movement and ensure a pleasant stay.

Hotels without architectural barriers

Residence Wally does not submit to the input steps, it obstacles for wheelchairs or architectural barriers that may hinder the arrival and entrance of the guests in the hotel. On the ground floor of the Residence, Wally is a bathroom suitable for the disabled with a door large enough for access in a wheelchair.

All the elevators of the Residence, Wally, the two coming in from the garage and the elevator that goes up to the large sun terrace, are large and have enough space for access with wheelchairs for the disabled, in a practical and easy way.

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