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Swimming pool

At the last floor of the Residence Wally, there is a large terrace where to finish the evening in the company of friends and family. From here you can admire a beautiful sunset, sipping a cocktail non-alcoholic fruit-based or alcoholic, prepared by the barman on the ground floor, relax in one of the two hydromassages.

For the children instead, while the adults are chatting in the two hot tubs perched on the top floor of the Residence, there is the large outdoor swimming pool (1.20 meters height) where you can have fun and play together.

The swimming pool of the residence Wally is seasonal and is open from June.

Swimming pool on the top floor, guaranteed fun

The swimming pool is open only in the evening, but also during the day, for those who prefer to sunbathe away from prying eyes, for those who want to read a good book on the terrace with views of the beach only from the top.

Virtual Tour of the pool
Hydromassage for kids and adults

At the last floor of the Residence Wally, you can also find two large hydromassages, perfect after a day of sea, perhaps, which is passed to play beach tennis, beach volleyball or jump on a pedal boat. The hydromassages have the task of helping to relax muscles and give pleasure to those on vacation does not want to just play, sunbathe or have fun, but also want to relax in a lighthearted way, without thinking about the work, the stress of everyday life, maybe enjoying a good fruit cocktail non-alcoholic or an alcoholic drink made by the bartender of the bar of the Residence, Wally.

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